4th International
Robin Sequence
Consensus Meeting

April 3rd 4th 2025

Imagine Institute – Necker Universitary Hospital 
24 boulevard du Montparnasse, 75015 Paris, France








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Véronique Abadie, Jeanne Amiel, Brigitte Fauroux, Véronique Soupre et Arnaud Picard are pleased to welcome you to Paris for the 4th international consensus meeting on Robin Sequence.

Since our first meeting in Utrecht, 10 years ago, we have progressed toward a consensus on several points for children with Robin sequence (RS). We have agreed on RS definition and investigation. Several points remain debatable, for instance airway obstruction assessment and treatment, orofacial growth, etc. Other issues remain unclear, such as physiopathology, genetic bases, etc.

This conference is an opportunity to continue thinking together and sharing our expertise and research results. We hope to get closer to a consensus about two topics: (1) respiration assessment and therapeutic strategies ; and (2) facial imaging : when and for what goal?

The program of the meeting is still in progress, and will include the communication that you may propose on this web platform.

 We hope to see many of you at this 4th meeting on April 3rd and 4th, 2025.

 With our kind regards

Meeting organisation

Pr  Véronique Abadie

General Pediatrics Department- Necker University Hospital
Reference Center for Rare Disease
“Robin sequence and congenital
troubles of sucking and swallowing”
Paris Cité University

Pr Jeanne Amiel

Genetics Department – Necker University Hospital
Embryology and genetics of malformation lab – Imagine Institute
Paris Cité University

Pr Brigitte Fauroux

Sleep study and ventilation unit – Pneumopediatrics
Necker University Hospital
Paris Cité University

Pr Arnaud Picard

Maxillo-facial surgery Unit
Necker University Hospital
Paris Cité University

Dr Véronique Soupre

Maxillo-facial surgery Unit
Necker University Hospital
Paris Cité University

Program in progress

Participate in person on campus
or from your computer by videoconference (live- streaming) 

Registration implies that you agree to all the
terms and conditions.

Fees for the congress registration and the social program will be free for all speakers.
All participants including speakers are invited to register and pay.
Speakers will be reimbursed once the final program is completed.


If you want to present results of your studies or experiences, on any field regarding Robin sequence, please submit your abstract(s) on this platform.

Selection of oral communications will be made at the end of 2024.

Oral communication duration should last between 15 to 30 minutes.

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Imagine Institut
24 Bd du Montparnasse,
75015 PARIS
Close to Necker Hospital



Thursday 3rd – Friday 4th
april 2025


2025 - 4th International Robin Sequence Consensus Meeting PARIS